Issues with “Magic Constant” Inspection in Teamcity run


An issue was encountered after upgrading Teamcity to 8.0.3, which bundles Idea 12. The inspection in queston (described here: works well in Idea, where jdkAnnotations.jar was indeed automatically added to all project SDKs. On Teamcity, however, this inspection reports as such:

No IDEA annotations attached to the JDK F1 (/opt/Java/jdk-1.7-linux-64), some issues will not be found

So far, we failed to find a way of fixing this. In "Inspections (IntelliJ IDEA)" runner that we use, there is a way to parse project for all SDKs it requres, and then to set them up with "JDK Jar Files Patterns". There is no property for attached annotations, though, and they are abviously not supplied automatically.

Any advice will be appreciated :)

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This issue was fixed in 8.0.4 which should be released really soon:


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