Can TeamCity (or VS plug-in) automatically insert custom text in comment of pre-tested commit?

We're starting to use the pre-tested commit feature with the VisualStudio plug-in and Subversion. However, since the commits are done on the client side, by the VisualStudio plug-in, after the a successful build result is communicated back from the server, there's no way to distinguish in the Subversion log whether a commit has been done automatically following a successful remote run, or by a manual svn commit. Does anyone know if there's any way to configure the VisualStudio plug-in to insert some automatically generated text (along with the comment entered by the user when submitting the changes for a remote run job) into the commit comment? Ideally, this text would include a link to the summary page(s) for the build(s) that completed; however, even static text would be better than nothing at all.Thanks,Nick Bennett

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