git commits to feature branch get stuck in pending


I'm trying to set up teamcity ci of an open-source github project, I want builds to be triggered on pushes to the repository, and expecially for feature branches (git-flow). At the moment, commits to feature branches are getting queued up as 'pending' but not being built.

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Each time I push to the feature branch, the pending counter bumps up one. I want a buid to run on each push. The configuration is baffling me. What magical switches do I need to throw?


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Hi All!

I have the same problem. But it happens only for new feature branches. If I push a new feature branch and then trigger the build manually the next commits will automatically trigger a build on this branch.

I have the following configuration:


  • Default branch: refs/heads/development
  • Branch specification: refs/heads/feature/*

Build Trigger (VCS Trigger)

  • Branch filter: -:<default>

Help would be welcome as this problem is really annoying.

Cheers, Alain

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Add me to this list as well... it's quite annoying.

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Hi Jeff,

If you have branch specification in VCS root configured to monitor needed feature branches and have correct Branch filter in VCS trigger, then the build should be triggered when the changes are committed in VCS root. At the moment the build is not triggered if the branch is just created and there were no new commits, please vote for the request:


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