Shared resources problems caused by data corruption


It appears that as a result of the TeamCity server's disk getting full that I am discovering data corruption. I have noticed that some build sequences have reset. I have now noticed that some shared resources have gotten corrupted. I tried simply removing the dependencies through the UI and then the resources. But TeamCity still thinks the shared resources exist when I try to remake them. Is there a way that I can remove the shared resources on the file system?


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Hello Dave,

Shared resources are "assinged" to builds in xml configuration files. Please proceed with causion and make backups, also note that it can cause inconsistencies in audit logs and build history..

In directory <Teamcity Data Directory>\config\projects\<project name>\buildTypes\
there are xml files for builds like: <project name>_<build name>.xml
inside there is a <build-extensions>/<extension id="BUILD_EXT_1" type="JetBrains.SharedResources"> tag, if you remove it, you remove shared resources from the build.

In the file <Teamcity Data Directory>\config\projects\<project name>\pluginData\plugin-settings.xml there are definitions of the projects shared resources itself:

      <values type="quota">



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