Problem with SVN and SSL

Im using latest Teamcity (7.1.4)
and im trying to connect it to an SVN using Secure connecton that noramlly uses an installed certificate.

Ive got TortoiseSVn working fine
and i can even browse to the location of the source
I cant seem to get Teamcity to play nicely
when i hit the test connection i get:
Test connection failed in temp :: main. svn: E170001: Authentication required for ....

Ive tried all sorts of fixes found here and on the net.
Most of them seem to be pointing into using some sort of specific authentication protocol, but so far i cant seem to get things working.
Anyone has any idea how i can make this work?

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I'm having this exact issue with my SVN + TeamCity setup as well.

Funny thing is that it used to work a month ago or so, but suddenly when I'm back at TeamCity and about to set things up in our project that just went live, things doesn't work anymore.

I'm also using 7.1.4.


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Well, i did manage to resolve this although i dont know what was the problem.
to solve this i  installed svnKit and just logged on into the repository using svnKit command line.

Im guessing that since svnKit is what TeamCity actually uses using the command line made svnKit order the certification things in the right place.
hope thi shelp you as well

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I'm running into the same issue. How you have used SVNKIT to resolve this.

Any commands or example can you please post to this?



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