Triggers only if there are pending changes option doesn't always work

We have this option setup on a Cron expression build trigger, but it doesn't always work.  It seems to have better luck in the morning than the afternoon.

Attached are two screenshots showing the trigger configuration and the pending changes window.  Note that the trigger says "next scheudled time" is 16:00, but the changes were 14:07 to 14:46.  So the 15:00 build never fired.

Any suggestions on how to edit the configuration to make it work? I did try to look in the logs for some entry for the trigger happening then determining no changes were detected, but I didn't see anything.  I didn't see anything like that for this mornings build that succeeded either.  Is there anything in the logs that would indicate that it checked?

The VCS Root points to a /trunk folder in an SVN repo.

...and the build did get triggered at 16:00

We are using v7.1.4



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