Check whole SVN repository for changes but checkout trunk only?

what is the way to check whole SVN project for changes (including trunk,branches,tags) but checkout only trunk as working copy?

We have the following pipeline: when we need to deploy web project new tag is created(so new tag creation is a kind of trigger) but the project is building from trunk. But project should start to build on any 'trunk' changes also - make packages and run some tests, without deploy.
SVNProjectPath is used for VCS root
+:trunk => .  as Checkout rules
Build trigger is set to "Trigger a build on each check-in"
TC version is 8.0.4.

Were trying to use with server-side and agent-side checkout and had no success.
Is it wrong configuration? Does 'Checkout rules' overwrite VCS root path for checking changes? Because it can't see any changes in tags directory so build is not triggered.
Thanks in advance!

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