Restoring a TeamCity server from the HSQL data file

Somehow my TeamCity installation became corrupt. Fortunately I have a copy of the file which I'm assuming contains the build configurations and everything else I need to bring the server back?

I have tried doing a clean install using the same version that was in use (8.0.1) , then overwriting the file with my copy and restarting the service.

However when I try accessing TeamCity I get the following error message:

jetbrains.buildServer.maintenance.exceptions.UnknownServerStartupError: Unexpected error during connecting to the database: Unexpected exception SQLException/HsqlException: SQL error when doing: Connecting to HSQL2
SQL query: connect
SQL exception: error in script file line: 244 java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException in statement [SET TABLE PUBLIC.DB_VERSION INDEX '12161 0 1']
 at jetbrains.buildServer.maintenance.StartupProcessor.performConnectToDatabaseInternal(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.maintenance.StartupProcessor.performConnectToDatabase(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.maintenance.StartupProcessor.doDatabaseConnect(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.maintenance.StartupProcessor.processConcreteStage(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.maintenance.StartupProcessor.processConcreteStageSafe(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.maintenance.StartupProcessor.processTeamCityLifecycle(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.maintenance.StartupProcessor.access$000(
 at jetbrains.buildServer.maintenance.StartupProcessor$
 at Source)

Would really appreciate any help. If I can't restore from this file then I will have lost many days of work. Lesson I've learnt is to probably switch to another database like MySQL.



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