Automation of selecting the build agents

Is there any way to schedule the build configurations in more advanced or efficient way so that
the build configurations can pick the agent 1 on day1 and agent 2 on day2 like this etc.,
We have 5 build configurations and 15 Build Agent machines. At present the 5 build configurations  always
consider same 5 agent machines for its execution. So, the remaining 10 agents doesn't have any coverage at all.

Is there any way to schedule the build configuration to pick first 5 agents on week1 and the next
5 agents on week2 and the rest on week3?  we have looked at the Build trigger and scheduling but
couldn’t get any information.

If this type of mechanism is not available, Please let me know the procedure to pick another set of
build agents for its execution.

P.S: We have created the "Run Configuration policy: Run assigned configurations only" for
all build agents but the build configuration considers the same set of agents for its execution.

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