"Clean all files before build" is set automatically when queuing a build from TeamCity UI

I have an issue with "Clean all files before build" setting.
When I queue a build from TeamCity UI, this setting is set automatically: if it was OFF it becomes ON.
When same build is triggered by schedule, the setting is not changed: if it was OFF is remains OFF.

So when I queue a build manually from UI, full checkout happens and my build are slow because of that.

I use TeamCity Professional 8.0.2 (build 27482).
Source control is SVN.
Three different build configurations use the same VSC root (settings shown below), all three are configured exactly the same regarding Version Control Settings (settings shown below). All three have the same issue.

Does anyone have an idea why this can happen?

VSC Root settings
SC root.png

Version Control Settings
Source control settings.png

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There may be different reasons.
Please check them in Automatic Clean Checkout article.


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