TEamCity, by default, manage a unique git repository for your project, into the server. It fetches the required changes from the server, then copy the content without the git metadata (".git" folder in the project's root folder). It seems it may be achieved by doing an "client" checkout instead of a "server" checkout. See https://github.com/ktoso/maven-git-commit-id-plugin/issues/6

On my side, I am stuck with another problem while doing the checkout in the client (the git show-ref"" returns an empty result)


Hello Francois,

Sorry for delay. Is the problem still actual? Yes, in case of agent side checkout the version control-specific directories (.git) and the build script should be able to perform VCS operations. 


Hi Alina,


Yes, the problem has been solved. It was coming from a wrong authentication information in my Git URL (using the http:// protocol instead of ssh://).

Finally, the maven-git-commit-id-plugin could be integrated during the Maven build step and it works like a charm.



Thank you for the update. Glad that issue was resolved!


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