Build error on Linux: Couldn't locate Gradle installation

All,  I'm new to TeamCity and I'm trying to configure a Build Agent on Linux to run Gradle build scripts.   I've already configured TeamCity on a Windows VM, along with a build agent.  I'm able to build my projects successfully using Gradle.

I’m now trying to configure a build agent on Linux.

  • I installed the build agent on Linux using the Agent Push--Install agent command.
  • I used the custom settings to install and accepted the default install folder as "$HOME/BuildAgent".
  • I've started the agent on linux  (under my user account) and was able to authorize the agent from the TeamCity server.
  • I installed Gradle and set the GRADLE_HOME=/data/gradle and PATH=/data/gradle-1.8/bin

However, when I try to compile the project, I get this error--

Couldn't locate Gradle installation. Please use wrapper script or install Gradle and set environment variable GRADLE_HOME

I've confirmed that GRADLE_HOME is set for the correct directory for my user, and the Build Agent is running under my user account.  I'm also able to run gradle -v.

Any ideas/suggestions of where the problem might lie would be appreciated (Disclaimer: I'm a Linux novice).  Thanks!

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More info:  Using TeamCity Professional 8.0.4 (build 27616)

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First, please restart the build agent so that it pics up new environment variables

If this does not help, please create a build configuration (without any vcs roots) with a sing command line build step. Add following command:


and run this build configuration on the linux agent

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also, as a workaround, I can suggest to use Gradle Wrapper

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Nikita-- We configured the build for with a gradle wrapper and
it now builds.  Thanks for the support!


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