Automatic commit behavior when conflicts occur


I am using TeamCity 7.1.5 (build 24400) with the corresponding Visual Studio plugin (I am using Visual Studio 2012) and Subversion.

I am wondering what the correct behavior of TeamCity should be when a Remote Run with Pre-tested commit is run, and the commit cannot be done because of a conflict.

I did a test on purpose and indeed, the commit did not succeed.

The "My Changes" window correctly displays my change, with an "Automatic commit failed" message underlined in red. This message begs to be clicked but is not an hyperlink.

Also, I do not get any email or IDE notification when this fails.

On the other hand, a little exclamation mark in the Visual Studio lower right corner is displayed. When I click on this, the TeamCity Exception Browser is shown, and it contains an entry for the failed commit.

So, it seems that such a situation is not handled correctly, and that the automatic commit fail is seen as a bug that can be reported to JetBrains.

I would like to configure TeamCity so that developers are warned by email (at least) when their pre-tested commit fails because of a conflict.

Is it possible ?

Thanks for your help

Benjamin Golinvaux

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You can configure notification rules for such case, read more here:


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