Native Code Analysis VS 2012 and Teamcity 8.x


i want to use native C++ Code Analysis with Teamcity. i have modified my Build Configuration so that the NativeCodeAnalysis runs.

<MSBuild Projects=...." Properties="Configuration=Release;Platform=x64;RunCodeAnalysis=true"

Now i want to Create an better Output like it is done with FXCop

MSBuild show the following output

[RunNativeCodeAnalysis] NativeCodeAnalysis
[11:04:35][NativeCodeAnalysis]<filename> (61, 0): C28182: Dereferencing NULL pointer. ...

but this is inside the complete msbuild output wich contains some hundered lines

Is it possible that TC can parse these msbuild output and generate better readable and analyseable Logs

thx in advance

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Hi Markus

TeamCity does not support this report format. The list of supported formats can be fount at XML Report Processing page.

Good neews is our ReSharper team has started working on C++ support, so TeamCity will also provide these inspections reports soon.


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