Can rsync be running while teamcity is started without hurting data.

I know I can rsync data from teamcity when it is offline. I have read in your backuop documents to never copy or backup the data directory while teamcity is running. I assumed this just means that you would not get a valid backup if you did try and copy\backup while teamcity is running. Can you confirm that backing up data on a running teamcity instance will not harm the instance that is running?

My overall goal is to backup a huge directory using rsync while teamcity is running to help alleviate downtime. Once the majority of data is transfered I would stop teamcity and re-run rsync to get the differential data. This will give me a complete backup for the new instance I am migrating too but I wanted to be sure that it would not hurt my running instance due to your warnings about never copy\backup while teamcity is running. I assume it would have no ill side effect but I wanted to make sure before proceeding.

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Seems you have posted the same question via email.

In short, you can copy the files and standard OS-level considerations apply (e.g. reading operation can block writes to the same file if it happens at the same time), so you might try to restrict the process only to write-once files (build artifacts, logs with old timestamps). However, generally, copying files form the data directory while TeamCity is working should not cause any major issues.


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