Don't hide command line programs

Hello all!

I'm trying to run Maya via TeamCity and do some processing with it and then close it. I use command line program (RemoteMayaControl.exe) which sends Python code through port and Maya execute that code. This works fine until I need to load a file in Maya and Maya crashes for some reason. File itself loads up fine if I run my RemoteMayaControl application out side of TeamCity. So I'm guessing that crash is related to TeamCity's habbit to hide command line programs and for some reason Maya is confused about that. To test my theory I would like to not hide command line programs what TeamCity is running via build steps, is it possible to turn off "hide programs" feature?

Or if any of you guys have any other ideas about this, I would like to hear those.


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I was able to test this. I opened Maya manually to BuildAgent so my
RemoteControl tool connected to already opened Maya and I was able to keep
UI open and build went through just fine. So something in Maya
get confused when UI is hidden.

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TeamCity does nothing special to hide child processes.
But usually TeamCity's build agents are started as Windows services, so they have no access to user desktop, and cannot display any windows.
Alternate approach is to start the agent interactively, using agent.bat command. Then the agent and all child processes will have windows on the desktop.


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