Add download link to assets in RSS Feed for TeamCity

I have an rss feed http://<myTeamcityserver>/feed.html?itemsType=builds&buildStatus=successful

Is it possible to add a download link to the assets that are attached to each of the entries in the feed? If so how can I do this?

Many thanks in advance,


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Hi Paul

Customizing Notifications is a common procedure for the RSS feed, email and other types of notifications.
The template for the feed can be found in feed-item-template.ftl file inside <TeamCity Data>/config/_notifications/feed/ directory.

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Hi Michael,

I have looked at the link you sent and in the template. I cannot find any reference on how to amend the template to provide a download link to the assets created through the build. Can you assist?

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Hi Paul,

Do you mean build artifacts?
The link to the build artifact has a format
http://serverUrl/repository/download/<build configuration locator>/2:<build id>/<artifact path>

The build configuration and id you can get from the ${build} variable.



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