Troubles with C# Solution Dependencies

Hey guys, new to TeamCity, having a bit of troubles with dependencies/snapshots/artifacts.
It's all quite new to me and I've tried to read up on it but still having no success.

I have added Project A to Team City and it builds with no issues.
Now I've added Project B, which is dependent on Project A.

The process is as follows;
Create Project B (which automatically creates Solution B)
Add Project A to Solution B.
Reference Project A from Project B.

I think that's where the problem lies, we're referencing the Project rather than the dll it generates?

The current error is;

  • Rebuild
  • MSBuild
  • C:\TeamCityBuilds\75098fcf972470c9\trunk\ProjectB.sln.metaproj error MSB3202: The project file "C:\TeamCityBuilds\75098fcf972470c9\trunk\..\..\ProjectA\ProjectA.csproj" was not found.

Have tried putting ProjectA.csproj in Project A -> General Settings -> Artifact Paths.
Seems to generate fine when built.
Then try to add ProjectA artifact to Project B Artificate Dependencies, which again works, including the test, but the above error still occurs.
ProjectA.csproj is in "C:\TeamCityBuilds\75098fcf972470c9\trunk\", not under a ProjectA folder...but I'm not sure why it's looking under the ProjectA folder...
Not sure what else to do.

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Your ProjectB.csproj file contains a relative reference to ..\ProjectA\ProjectA.csproj file.
So you need to have sourcesof the whole solution on the disk. ProjectB sources and ProjectA binaries are not enough.


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