Nuget Dependency not working.

I can't seem to get my NuGet dependency trigger to fire.  It's showing an error in the logs..

[2013-11-12 10:05:27,456]   WARN -   jetbrains.buildServer.SERVER - NuGet Dependency Trigger error in configuration Test Project :: Build Test 2 {id=TestProject_BuildTest2, internal id=bt35}: Failed to check for package versions. Package Lightning was not found in the feed

Yet, if I run the command manually:
NuGet.exe list <<MyFeedURI>>

CruiseBranding 1.0.87
CruiseImages 1.0.158
CruisePlatform 3.18.14
Lightning 1.0.28
Ovs.Membership 1.13.17
Project 1.2.2

Obviously Package "Lightning" is in the Feed.  I am trying to test the Feed triggers.
This is problem #1 - Why won't this work, when it is obviously in the feed ?

Problem #2
I need to setup something like this

Head Branch
Build -> -> Creates Package -> CruisePlatform 3.1.xx.yy
Trigger Build -> 3.1 deploy -> Uses Package from build above

Release Branch
Build -> -> Creates Package -> CruisePlatform 3.0.xx.yy
Trigger Build -> 3.0 deploy -> Uses Package from build above

I see the Nuget Trigger has a "Package Version Spec"
Will this work with 3.0.* or 3.1.* ?

The problem is both build produce a different Minor version of the same 3.x package.
This is by design during parallel development.

So I want to trigger a build when a new 3.1 package is created and queue a different build when a new 3.0 package is created.
I don't want to change the name of the package!!!


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Does your feed require authentication? If so, are the credentials specified in the trigger settings correctly?
Are there any additional error messages and exceptions in the log? can you post it?

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For the second question: If I understand the scenario correctly, you need two independent build configurations then.


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