Lack of parallelization on the agent level (e.g. Jenkins executors)


if I understand correctly, with the current version of TeamCity, one agent can run only one build at a time. That doesn't work well in my case, where each VCS checkin triggers a set of independant and single-threaded builds, that shall finish as soon as possible.

Let's say I need to run 16 builds and I bought for this a powerful machine with 16 cores. I am forced to install and maintain 16 identical agents on this single machine, causing the following problems:

  • High administration overhead
  • Impact on the resources (especially in terms of memory)
  • Zero support from TC to scale to more or less (v)cores on this machine in the future
  • Last but not least, it multiplies the license fees by a factor 3: 3.497 EUR (13 * 269) on top of the 1.799EUR for the Enterprise license

I like TeamCity, it's much better than Jenkins in many aspects, but this one is almost a showstopper. In Jenkins, the number of executors per slave or agent can be defined freely and changed at any time.
Did I miss something in TeamCity ? If not, are there plans to address this limitation ?


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Can anyone help me on this ?
I can't imagine I am the only one with this issue.



I am not:


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