Problems With URL For Tagged Build Artifacts

Hi folks,

I’ve searched the documentation, forums and Google and come up blank; hoping I can prevail upon someone here to help me get this sorted.

From the docs:

To download artifacts from last build with specific tag, use:


I need to download about 50 artifacts from a tagged build using wget; we’re configured to use wget with a config file for authentication; when I run the following command, I keep getting a 404 Not Found error. In past, I’ve used wget successfully to get artifacts from the last successful build, but not tagged.

Here’s what I have; can you tell me if I’ve got something wrong in the URL I’m using?

wget -v ""

I’m also wondering if the format of the actual tag might be causing problems: “IE_TB_Win_8.1_2.5.14.72”

Can someone please point me in the right direction?

Many thanks in advance!


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Ye gods; I'll answer it myself! I forgot I'm dealing with a Linux host; filenames are CASE-SENSITIVE!

Thanks anyway...



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