VCS root and SourceGear Vault

Hi there,

I just started evaluating TeamCity, and have a question regarding the VCS root and projects.

Our source code repository (call it REP) looks like this:

----Project A
----Project B
----Project C

I'd like to have a VCS root for each project pointing right to that project's location; for example, for Project A, I really want the VCS root to be $/ROOT/Project A.  That's where version labels should go for that project, and when TC looks for "changes", they should only be changes under that particular VCS root.

However, I just can't see how to accomplish this!

It seems like I can only add the repository name "REP" when I'm setting up the VCS root, with no way to set up a subfolder.  I can see where to set up the "checkout rules", but that doesn't help - if someone makes a change in Project C, I still see the change listed for Project A in TC.

Hopefully there's something obvious I'm missing here...



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Hi, Chris,

TeamCity VCS checkout rules is the right thing to use.
You need to create a single VCS root pointing to REP repository and configure checkout rules:

+:ROOT/Project A

+:ROOT/Project B


+:ROOT/Project C

in several TeamCity build configurations (placed in a single or in several TeamCity projects).
As a result each configuration will collect and show changes (and trigger builds if you configure a VCS trigger) only in the specified by checkout rules folder.


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