configuring TeamCity on tomcat

I'm trying to deploy the TeamCity war distribution onto a tomcat server and I'm having trouble figuring out where configuration for the war should go.

Steps I've taken:
1. Download the .war file from TeamCity's site.
2. mv the .war file into /var/lib/tomcat7/webapps
3. Start tomcat.

I browse to http://server:8080/teamcity and I get a page saying "Unable to initialize logs. The logs directories are not accessible for writing." and that I should visit this page: for more information about configuring teamcity's logging.

And this is where I get lost. I'm trying to follow the instructions on but they just say "configure this, configure that" but don't say where these things should be configured.

I realize that most of this is probably because I'm not super familiar with tomcat, and that maybe I should just stick with the tarball, but I also think that deploying to existing tomcat will be much easier to puppetize and manage rather than having some tarball lying around...

The main things I think I need are:
* Where do I configure the data directory?
* Where do I configure the "internal properties"

I'm using tomcat7 as shipped with ubuntu 12.04, if that makes any difference.


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