Initiate a dependencies for a package of specific version

Hi all,

Our TC server has several builds based on different repository/VCS roots:
1. Build Kernel     => kernel artifacts
2. Test User App
3. Build User App     => Application Artifacts
4. Create Package     => Deployment package

The 4th has dependencies on artifacts from #1 & #3 and creates a deployment package.
1,2,3 are triggerd for any new revision in the source control database/VCS
4th is triggered on nightly basis and uses the latest successful artifacts

We are using automatic clean-up of old artifacts

I know I can initiate a build via the gui for each one of the builds for a specific revision/version
I know I can specify the 4th build to use a specific artifacts belongs to a specific build.

My question:
Due to auto clean-up it is possible the required artifacts of a specific build were deleted.
When initiating #4 for a specifc old artifacts, how can I instruct TC to automaticaly rebuild the specifc old version dependancies artifacts if they do not exist?


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