VCS Triggering not working correctly with TFS2010 as VCS

I have 2 build Servers.  One server builds .NET code, the other will do a full continuous integration build of .NET and VB6 code. Both have their own default database and build agent however both are looking at the same TFS repository.  I'm trying to set up rules that will prevent build triggering on certain files and file types that are checked in and when out (Non-TeamCity) nightly automated build checks-in versioning files as listed in the rules below:

Right now I have VCS Triggering set up on both build servers as follows:

Per-Checkin Triggering

     * Trigger Build on each check-in

          * Include several check-ins in a build if they are from the same committer

Quiet Period Settings:

Custom Quiet Period: 1000 seconds

VCS Trigger Rules:


Now can I verify that my rule syntax is correct?  I've turned on the debug.vcs preset.

Any advice and/or help is greatly appreciated,

Thank you,


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