Specifying multiple revisions to use for a custom build (multiple VCS roots)


I would expect the custom build dialog to allow me to select any revision for all VCS roots used by a build. Unfortunately, it looks like it's much more limited:

  • I can select only versions that are including in the branches used in the build configuration. Why can't I pick for instance any branch or commit ID of the repository (in the case of Git) ? Or a tag ? That's typically what I need to run a custom build.
  • I can select only one revision, even if my build configuration contains several roots. That doesn't make sense to me. I should be able to selection a revision per VCS root.

Did I miss something or misunderstood the documentation ?



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Hi Olivier,

It is not currently avaible to select a revision for each VCS root when running a build. See related feature request: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-5610
At this time TeamCity needs a single (latest) change to be associated with a build, so revisions to use are calculated based on the single change selected. This limitation is related to the ability to display a build on a change log and order builds based on changes.

For a build configuration with feature branches enabled you can select a branch in the run custom build dialog.


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