Branch Remote Run Triggered builds are not visible to other users, even the admin


I want to use the Branch Remote Run Trigger to test Git commits before they are merged into the mainline. However, it appears that the other users cannot see the builds of each other, which severly limit the usability of this feature for (peer) verification purposes.

Even as a system administrator, I see hole holes in the history of the build which is triggered by the branch remote run trigger (e.g. 27, 28, 30).

There are 2 problems here
- the admin shall always be able to see all builds, independently of who started them and how
- there should be a permission to define if the users can see the (personal) builds of each other

Can someone confirm my findings, or point me to the appropriate features or feature requests ?



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Hi Olivier,

Consider using feature branches instead of remote run on branch trigger as it is more suited for active use of branches. The trigger creates personal builds by design.
ANyway, any user can choose to see personal builds of others selecting an "Show all personal builds" option on user profile.


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