Build chain not working after build configuration is deleted


I experience the following problem with Team City.
I have two projects PA and PB and three build configurations:

Build configurations C1 and C2 are in project PA,
Build configuration C3 is in project PB.

They are chained so that PA :: C2 has set up a build trigger:
Finish Build Trigger, Wait for a successful build in: PA :: C1

and snapshot dependency on PA :: C1:

Do not run new build if there is a suitable one
Only use successful builds from suitable ones
Run build on the same agent

The same way the PB :: C3 depends on PA::C2 (build trigger and snapshot dependency).

Once PA :: C1 is ran, the chain looks like C1 -> C2 -> C3.

The problem is that when the project PB is archived and then deleted:
a) The build chain (now should be C1 -> C2) stops working.
b) The build chains view of C1 or C2 stops loading and no build chain is visible.

I am using:
Windows 2008 R2 SP 1 64bit
Team City 8.0.2 (build 27482)

Has anybody experienced something similar?
Thank you.

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