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I'm attempting to run multiple replaces for different patterns.  The DTD states that you can have multiple transformation-patterns.  But the behavior I am seeing is that only the first is being executed.

Is this a bug?

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Here is my XML:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<server rootURL="">
    <scheduler hour="3" minute="0" />
    <login-module />
    <login-description />
    <guest-login allowed="false" guest-username="guest" />
    <free-registration allowed="true" />
  <artifacts maxArtifactSize="300000000" />
    <transformation-pattern search="(.+)#([0-9]+)(.?+)" replace="$1&lt;a title=&quot;Click to open this issue&quot;
href=&quot;/trac/ticket/$2&quot;&gt;#$2&lt;/a&gt;$3" description="Trac link" />
<transformation-pattern search="(.+)r([0-9]+)(.?+)" replace="$1&lt;a title=&quot;Click to open this changeset&quot;
description="Subversion link" />
  <report-tab title="Code Coverage" basePath="" />
  <report-tab title="JavaDoc" basePath="" />

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What version of TeamCity do you use?

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Version 4.5 (build 8944)

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It's not a bug, you can have several patterns, but in each situation the first matched pattern will be used. Patterns are matched according to their order in XML file.


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Ok, that makes sense.  But in my case if the first regex matches, I still want the others to run.

For instance.  I have the following text:

"Made updates to fix bugs caused by r1494, this is resolves issue #239"

I want "r1494" to become a link to the SVN changeset and "#239" to become a link to our bug tracking system.

Is this possible?

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Probably not. I guess we can add an option to allow multiple pattern matching to support it. Can you please file a bug about this feature?

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I saw that Joe opened an issue for this, TW-8125. From reading the issue it looks like it was supposed to have been fixed in 4.5.2. I am running 8.0.5 (build 27692) and still seeing this - only the first matching pattern seems to be applied. Am I misreading that it was supposed to be fixed already, or was there perhaps a regression?


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