Why Can't You Access Properties From Artifact Dependencies?

It's possible to reference properties from a dependency if it's added as a Snapshot Dependency, but not for simple Artifact Dependnecies.  Does anyone know why this is?  From the TeamCity 8.x Documentation page on the subject it seems to imply that it should be possible:

Dependencies Properties

These are properties provided by the builds the current build depends on (via a snapshot or an artifact dependency).

However; I can never get the properties from Artifact Dependencies to resolve.

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Okay, this is even more weird now.  I created a couple of test projects to just test that this didn't work, but it actually does seem to?!?  I have:

  1. Test Build
  2. Test Deploy 1 (Snapshot and Artifact Dependencies on Test Build)
  3. Test Deploy 2 (Artifact Dependency on Test Deploy 1)

I appear to be able to reference properties from Test Build in Test Deploy 2, which is not what I'm seeing in my non-test build and deploy projects.

Any help anyone could offer would be gratefully appreciated.

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For anyone experiencing the same issue as me; I finally - after a lot of frustration - worked out what the issue is.  Basically, if you restrict your artifact dependency by a tag, but you don't have any build history with that tag, the properties from the dependency won't be avaliable to reference!  This definetly feels like a bug to me, since the properties are defined by the project and are there regardess of whether the build has been tagged or not.

I've raised a bug about the problem (TW-34402).


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