TC 8.0.5 / Cannot build patch: when using TFS via https connection - ok via http


We have just upgraded from TC7 to TC8.0.5.

One of my TFS based builds was failing - but another was working.

Upon closer inspection, the failing build was using https for the TFS connection, whereas the working one was using http.  The test connection button seemed to think the connection was good.  However when we run the build, we get this error:

Failed to build patch for build #1437 {build id=11746}, VCS root: "TFS" {instance id=2559, parent internal id=47, parent id=TFS, description: "tfs: $/nnn"}, due to error: Cannot build patch:

This worked fine under TC7.

I guess the TFS library was changed between TC7 and TC8

Should I raise a bug?

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Please submit a bug report in our tracker.


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