Urgent: Updated from tfs2010 to tfs2012 and all builds just keep running... doing nothing...

TeamCity Version: 7.1.3
We updated our tfs server frm 2010 to 2012. I updated the vcs roots to use the new server. And update the connection in visual Studio on the agents. Testing the vcs connection works fine. But when a build runs, it just runs... it does nothing... for as long as you let it go on..

Build log:
Build 'Sherman :: Library: Build And Test' #2496
Started 'Wed Jan 22 21:02:38 CST 2014' on 'Aramis' by 'Eric Borman'
Finished 'Wed Jan 22 21:12:21 CST 2014' with status 'UNKNOWN Canceled'
TeamCity URL http://<my BuildServer>/viewLog.html?buildId=198969&buildTypeId=bt9
TeamCity server version is 7.1.3 (build 24266)

[21:02:39]: bt9 (9m:41s)
[21:12:21]: Build canceled

Thanks for any solutions

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