Should i get some tables in my Database, if i use MSSQL


I have recently changed TeamCity to use External DB rather than intrernal i was using. My query is, should changing internal --> extrenal creates any new Tables etc in Database.

Upon doing this, all my build history was lost (which i dont mind), lost all the users. But i still have all the projects and their configuration intact, tried creating new user and everything works good but i have no data-structure change in my Database.

I have checked teamcity-server log and it connects to external DB with log:

   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.STARTUP - Current stage: Connecting to the database
   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.STARTUP - Connected to the database successfully
   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.STARTUP - Current stage: Checking the database
   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.STARTUP - Using schema: dbo
   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.STARTUP - Schema contains 110 tables.
   INFO -  jetbrains.buildServer.STARTUP - Database version is 628

but i dont see any changes in DB. Can someone please guide me if i am doing something wrong.(I was expecting some DB changes)

Thanks for help in advance.

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sorry, fixed it and deleted this question but still here :p


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