Approach to gerrit triggers & builds

Is there a whitepaper/blog entry that goes over how to configure teamcity for gerrit?  Verification and voting -- that part is easy.  I wrote my own plugin to handle that in a really good way for my environment.  However I'm having a real bitch trying to get all the branching and triggering aspects to work "just right"..

I assume personal builds are involved..   but I don't see a quick way to synchronzie the email addresses from my git commits with the VCS usernames for my teamcity users.  (80+)...

Currently I have just 1 build configuration for master and the refs/changes/* branches..  this mostly works.. but I get a lot of duplicate builds that will be like

refs/changes/xxx/yyy/1  changes(1)
refs/changes/xxx/yyy/1  changes(2)
refs/changes/xxx/yyy/1  changes(3)


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