What information is stored in database?

I'm conserned about backup of my teamcity server.

I have TeamCity configured with my MsSQL database. I've been looking at the tables in db and i havent found any build_steps or build_configurations.

I want to know what is stored in this DB?

Is this enough for full recovery?

What else do i need to back up in order to get my teamcity server running on other server?

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Hello Dejan,

Project settings and build configurations (including build steps) are stored in the Data Directory (see http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD8/TeamCity+Data+Directory),
in the 'config' subdirectory.

The database stores build history, tests' status, user setiings, problems, mutes, etc.

As of backup — the best way is to use TeamCity backup (from Web UI or from command line). Details are here: http://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/TCD8/TeamCity+Data+Backup

You can also watch/vote for the automatic scheduled backup feature: http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/TW-6448

Best regards

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This is an awful solution to the original problem. I understand that you want to push the large datasets to a dedicated RDBMS but why not put ALL configuration into the database instead of putting some in the database and some in local data files?

This Frankenstein/hybrid solution is a real cowboy hack and is very dangerous. Having to back up two distinct sets of data files should've been a massive alarm bell to you guys. Disappointing.

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Hi Rhys,

Storing settings and users/build history in different places is an old architectural decision, but looking back it does not seem like a huge mistake.
The fact that the settings are stored on the file system has its downsides, but also it has benefits.

If you are interested, the benefits include ability to edit the settings simply by changing files on disk. This opens different possibilities including moving the settings between different servers just by file moves/copying, settings search and bulk changes as well as storing the settings files in the version control.

If automatic backup functionality available via TeamCity UI (and callable via REST API) if not sufficient for you, you can get more details on the manual backup procedure and notes on what is stored where in the corresponding section in our documentaiton.


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