Add branches to combo

The combo in a project that lists all active branches could be made even more useful by a minor enhancement.

I have set the tieouts for a branch counting as "active" quite low, as we use a lot of branching in our projects and the list fills up very fast.

However, that means even branches that are less of a "throw away" nature, such as release branches, also get removed for being inactive.

I am aware I can get to the inactive branches in the combo in each configuration, but that is tedious if there are a lot of configurations to peek into.

What I would like to suggest is the addition of a "permanent branch" filter, solely for the purpose of the project-level combo. E.g. by setting

the combo would contain
<Active Branches>
<default branch>
[..all active branches]
<permanent branches>
[..all permanent branches]

I.e. the branches matching the filter pattern(s) would always be accessible on a project level.

Presently I only see the need for a single filter and it would be inclusive, but maybe it's worth considering leveraging the same filtering capabilities as exist elsewhere.

Best regards,

--Jesper Hogstrom

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