Data directory on remote file server


I have to 'merge' to teamcity environments into a single one.

As part of this merge process, we would like to have a multi-tier approach :

* teamcity server -> machine A
* teamcity db (mssql) -> machine B
* teamcity buildagents -> machines 1..n
* build artifacts -> machine C (file server)

Machine A, B, C are windows-based (Win2008R2) virtual machines.

I have no issue setting up the database on a remote machine; but I am more worried about storing the artifacts on a remote file server.
Indeed if I look at, it does not seems to be feasible or at least not a recommended approach.

Note that TeamCity assumes reliable and persistent read/write access to TeamCity Data Directory and can malfunction if data directory becomes inaccessible. This malfunctions can affect TeamCity functioning while the directory is unavailable and may also corrupt data of the currently running builds. Still under rare circumstances the data stored in the directory can be corrupted and be partially lost.

We do not recommend to place the entire TeamCity data directory to a remote/network folder. If a single local disk cannot store all the data, consider placing the data directory on a local disk and mapping.BuildServer/system/artifacts to a larger disk with the help of OS-provided filesystem links.
Related feature request: TW-15251.

What I would like to be sure, is that the risk of 'corrupt data' is limited to the running builds.
In other words, is there any risk to loose any data related to finished builds (artifacts, corrupted links to artifacts, ...) ?

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