Cannot get the .lastSuccessful revision locator to work on TC 8


I'm trying to follow to access the artifacts of the last successful build but I get the error "HTTP Status 404 - Could not find build by revision rule: .lastSuccessful"

Say the URL that doesn work is I can get the artifact by changing only the revision locator to the specific ID of the last successful build, like so:

I really tried to search for a solution because it feels like I'm making a really basic mistake, but I can't find any description of a similar problem. I saw some example which used lastSuccessful instead of .lastSuccessful but that revision rule is not recognized either.

What am I doing wrong? My TC version is 8.0.5.

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Just checked, url like this works fine for me. Stupid question: are you sure there is successful build with such artifact?

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Thanks for your reply.

There is an artifact with that name (well in reality the file name is something else, but I can access it with the URL with the build number). And as far as I can understand the build is successful (it has the green check mark icon and I can chose to mark as failed in the build actions). And .lastFinished doesn't work either and I suppose it would return something no matter if the build was failed or successful. And the error message specifically says that it does not recognize the .lastSuccessful/.lastFinished revision locators.


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