build failed

Build 'test :: test' #179
Started 'Mon Feb 17 09:23:05 CST 2014' on 'Build-server' by '*************'
Finished 'Mon Feb 17 09:23:25 CST 2014' with status 'FAILURE Compilation error: **Web.sln (new)'
TeamCity URL
TeamCity server version is 8.1 (build 29879)

[09:23:04]E: bt2 (20s)
[09:23:04] : TeamCity server version is 8.1 (build 29879)
[09:23:04] : Checking for changes (running for 20s)
[09:23:04] : Will collect changes in 1 VCS roots
[09:23:04] : Waiting for completion of current operations for the VCS roots
[09:23:04] : Loading current repository state for VCS root 'https://****************/*******.git#refs/heads/master'
[09:23:05] : Detecting changes in VCS root 'https://****************/*******.git#refs/heads/master' (used in test)
[09:23:05] : Agent time zone: America/Chicago
[09:23:05] : Agent is running under JRE: 1.7.0_51-b13
[09:23:05] : Publishing internal artifacts
[09:23:05] :     [Publishing internal artifacts] Sending using ArtifactsCachePublisher
[09:23:05] :     [Publishing internal artifacts] Sending using WebPublisher
[09:23:05] : Clearing temporary directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\temp\buildTmp
[09:23:05] : Checkout directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\bfeb992b8e32a2c7
[09:23:05] : Updating sources: server side checkout
[09:23:05] :     [Updating sources] Using vcs information from agent file: bfeb992b8e32a2c7.xml
[09:23:06] :     [Updating sources] Building incremental patch for VCS root: https://****************/*******.git#refs/heads/master; checkout rules: =>; revision: ba6112775350ccf2aadae9f3b456b4e037241d52 --> ba6112775350ccf2aadae9f3b456b4e037241d52
[09:23:06] :     [Updating sources] Repository sources transferred
[09:23:06] : ##teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='buildStageDuration:sourcesUpdate' value='90.0']
[09:23:06] : Build preparation done
[09:23:06]E: Step 1/1: Visual Studio (sln) (18s)
[09:23:06] :     [Step 1/1] ##teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='buildStageDuration:firstStepPreparation' value='63.0']
[09:23:06] :     [Step 1/1] ##teamcity[buildStatisticValue key='buildStageDuration:buildStepRUNNER_2' value='0.0']
[09:23:06] :     [Step 1/1] Starting: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\plugins\dotnetPlugin\bin\JetBrains.BuildServer.MsBuildBootstrap.exe /workdir:C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\bfeb992b8e32a2c7 /msbuildPath:c:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\MSBuild.exe
[09:23:06] :     [Step 1/1] in directory: C:\TeamCity\buildAgent\work\bfeb992b8e32a2c7
[09:23:07]E:     [Step 1/1] **Web.sln.teamcity: Build target: TeamCity_Generated_Build (17s)
[09:23:07]E:         [**Web.sln.teamcity] TeamCity_Generated_Build (17s)
[09:23:07]E:             [TeamCity_Generated_Build] MSBuild (17s)
[09:23:07]E:                 [MSBuild] **Web.sln: Build target: Rebuild (17s)
[09:23:07] :                     [**Web.sln] ValidateSolutionConfiguration
[09:23:07] :                         [ValidateSolutionConfiguration] Building solution configuration "Release|Any CPU".
[09:23:07]W:                     [**Web.sln] ValidateProjects
[09:23:07]W:                         [ValidateProjects] Warning
[09:23:07]W:                             [Warning] c:\builds\**Web.sln.metaproj warning MSB4121: The project configuration for project "website2013" was not specified in the solution file for the solution configuration "Release|Any CPU".
[09:23:07]E:                     [**Web.sln] Rebuild (17s)
[09:23:07]E:                         [Rebuild] MSBuild (17s)
[09:23:07]E:                             [MSBuild] website2013.metaproj: Build target: Rebuild (17s)
[09:23:07]E:                                 [website2013.metaproj] Rebuild (17s)
[09:23:07]E:                                     [Rebuild] AspNetCompiler (17s)
[09:23:07] :                                         [AspNetCompiler] C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\aspnet_compiler.exe -v /website2013 -p website2013\ -u -f PrecompiledWeb\website2013\

I am getting this Compilation error after the build starts. I have no problems buiding it in Visual studio 2012.
[AspNetCompiler] C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\Temporary  ASP.NET Files\website2013\67b4f496\5412bb0d\App_Web_ovn01cqp.34.vb(68,  0): error BC30554: 'global_MasterPage' is ambiguous.

Can someone help steer me in the right direction? How is visual studio doing this different?

I have attached the Log file.


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