Need Help - Git VCS is always timing out. (never used to :( )

Hi all,

about a week or so ago, all 7 of our builds now fail because of a github.com timeout error. We've been using TC for about a year now without any problems at all.

Also, we have NOT made any changes, prior to the problem :(

At first, we started to 'TEST CONNECTION', which always started to return 'SUCCESS'. Then we tried to run a build and ... nope! Timeout error message :(

Now the test connectoin more or less always timesout.

So, we updated from 8.0.6 to 8.1.a. That worked fine, all 7 builds came across etc. Same thing :( (but the error message was a bit nicer, now).

Now we're using CHROME on this TC server. So opening up another tab, we goto github.com. Blamo! it pops up asap.

We're -not- using a proxy or anything fancy pants.

We have no idea how to debug this issue. We've rebooted the server. Still the same old problem :(

Is there -anything- we can do, to fix this? I couldn't find any 'timeout time' value in any of the settings. We're using the stock standard git VCS plugin that comes with TC.

This is really hurting us, cause we do commits all day long and our testing team is now .. well .. bored :( cause we can't deploy to dev!

yeah - 1st world probs i know .. but this is our last hope, Obi-wan. Someone has to be able to hopefully shed some light on something?

(I've got a weird feeling it MIGHT be a bad error message .. even though this is a GIT issue).

Details; TC v 8.01a
GIT: github.com
Repo: Private repo (soz). Using HTTPS + Username/Password for auth.


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