How to prevent copy of installers to a share with Remote Builds

In one of our configurations, lets call it build-and-package, the last step is to copy installers that are created to a network share as well as adding them to the artifacts.  Upto now we have asked developers not to use this configuration with their remote builds, since it will copy installers to the network share.  However, developers are now requesting the ability use build-and-package configuration with their remote builds.  Is there a parameter we can use in the copy step to determin if a build is remore build and if so not copy the build installers to the network share and only add them to the artifacts?  This will allow us to use only one configuration instead of creating separate configurations for remote builds and scheduled builds.

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Hi Hamid,

You can try checking if BUILD_IS_PERSONAL environment variable is set as one of the steps in your script that copies the installers. For more info, please see


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