Setting up the same build to trigger with different parameters


I have a build that uses the MSBuild runnner to perform its work.

I am also using System properties to pass properties from TC to the MSBuild script.

Following new requirements, i'd like to be able to execute this build configuration, each time with a changed set of parameters. Also, i'd like to be able to trigger the build with the different parameters automatically.

Is this possible? can i set the same configuration to trigger using different build parameters in TC? if not, what's the proper way of handling this?

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I don't believe you can set a single configuration to trigger with different parameters.

What you could do is create a Template that contains all your common settings (VCS roots, build steps, trigger etc) then have multiple build configurations that inherit from that Template except using a different set of parameters.

This will mean you will be able to maintain the vast majority of your configuration from your Template and only maintain the Parameters page in the implementing build configurations, you can even give defaults for all the parameters and then override the ones you are about in your build configurations.

Happy to help further, however may need a little more detail :).


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