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We are currently using Git as our VCS and have the following scenario that we are hoping to acheive.

Project has VCS Root 1
Build configuration is attached to VCS root 1 and checks out, builds and tests on each commit.
Dev Deploy configuration has snapshot and artifact dependency on Build configuration and deploys to our dev environment on each succesful build
Production Deploy configuration B has a snapshot and artifact dependency on build configuration A and is also attached to VCS root 1.

We would like to be able to open the Custom Run dialog for "Production Deploy" and select a suitable Build dependency and have it check out the sources using the same source code and label/tag these, then deploy the artifact to production.

If we use triggers on completion of Build this seems to work ok, however when we use the custom run dialog we have to got to dependencies and select a suitable Build, then also go to Changes tab and select the changes to include. Is it possible to get these automatically detected via the Snapshot dependency on the same VCS root?

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For anyone who may care, this is the response I got from Yegor Yarko at JetBrains Support.

"Try using "Promote" action (available via build's Actions menu) for the build you want to deploy to production. Or open Dependencies tab and click "Run" on the Production Deply node in a correct chain displayed."

Using the Promote works. The Dependancies tab option doesn't seem to be available unless you have previously sent the build down that chain.


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