Getting build statistics over REST API while build is in progress

I am in need to control execution of later steps based on values of statistics from former steps. E.g. I want to do some further actions when there is more failed tests than certain threshold. I tried to solve this by 'curling' TC REST API and getting number of failed tests from there (http....statistics/FailedTestCount). This works fine when I am asking this value after the build is completed, but when this command is part of build step, I get error response stating 'No statistics data for key: PassedTestCount'.

I am curious, is there some delay before I can ask this test statistic, or is it getting published after build finishes? I can see number of passed tests when given build step finishes (progress message of build changes to 'Tests passed: N').

Footnote: Is there some other way to get these statistics into build step script?

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Due to implementation details, it becomes available for REST API after build is finished.

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OK, good to know.

In the mean time, I already resolved it with 3 lines of grep/sed/awk code. For those that might need it, to get number of executed tests:

TESTS=$(cat ${TESTSUITE_FILE} | grep "<testsuite .*>" | sed -r "s/(<.* )(tests=\")([[:digit:]]+)(.*>)/\3/" | tr ' ' '\n' | gawk '{ sum+=$1 } END{ print sum}')

Explained: take testsuite, find testsuite elements, find test attribute and take its value, separate those matches by newline and let awk to sum it up
To get other attributes, change 'tests'.


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