Detach VCS Root via REST API

I am replicating projects via the rest api.  Once replicated I need to detach the old VCS root but am unsure how to do that.  I have found a number of old threads that indicated this activity is unsupported but hoped things have changed since then.

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While not a direct solution to this particular question I have found a workaround.

  • Rather than creating unique VCS Roots for each Project I created one at the <Root project> level that includes my entire source control tree structure.
  • Next I named my projects exactly after the branch name they represent
  • I then attached the Root VCS to the appropriate build configurations
  • Finally at the build configuration level I created a checkout rule to limite VCS checkouts for that configuration to a specific path in source control

Here is the checkout rule: +:%env.TEAMCITY_PROJECT_NAME% =>

This allows me to easily duplicate projects without having to manually edit their settings.


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