Get Unit Test project working in TeamCity

I have installed

for CI on one of our server and have managed to get it working upto a point where, if someone commits in SVN,
picks up the changes and build the code at its end.

Now i am trying to add our
Unit Test
project in
so that we also get to know if any Test fails when we commit our code.

We have a Test Project(Named TeamTest) and all the
Unit Tests
are written in it, now when i try to add this project as a
Build Step
, what
Runner Type
should i choose?

Do i need to install some other software on my build server to get it working?

What path should i put in
Run tests from
if runner type is chosen as
? (Is it dll of project TeamTest)

Apologies, if these are dumb question but i have tried searching  internet, but cant find answer to my question.

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For NUnit support, please refer to NUnit Support page and NUnit Runner page
For MSTest support, please refer to MSTest Support page and MSTest Runner page

Runner choice and software requirements depend on the type of the library you use for unit testing.

For example, to be able to run and report MSTest tests, you must have VisualStudio installed on agent computer. Agent will detect MSTest distribution automatically upon restart


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