Setting up VCS Labeling

I am attempting to get VCS Labeling to work and am having some difficulty. I have set up the Label rule on the Version Control Settings under the VCS Root under Labeling rules with subversion. I am attempting to manually label a build and when it fails it complains about the checkout rules, not sure what to do to fix this.

Failed: Failed to set label 'test-': No labeling rules found for checkout rules AuctionWebsiteDB/trunk=>

The current rule that is on the VCS is
+:/%VcsFolder%/trunk => +:/%VcsFolder%/tags

with VcsFolder is a parameter that defines the project name, in this case its value is AuctionWebsiteDB

The checkout rule is setup as the following:
+:/AuctionWebsiteDB/trunk=> .

Any help in this setup would be appreciated.

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