How can I get this custom build to work?

Hi folks,

I'm trying to figure out how I can re-use some build's we have setup but point them at different VC GitHub repo's?

Currently, we have the following builds which all work great:

- WebSite (Dev)
- Unit Test - Azure Wokers (Dev)
- Unit Test - Foo (Dev)

Code is all up in private repo's on GitHub.

When a push to the private website repo is detected, TC runs the two unit test builds (dependencies) then runs the website build and deploys it.

The VC for those three builds are pointing the same private repo @ github company/mainRepo at the 'dev' branch.

works 100% wohoo!

** NOW **

the developers FORK the main repo. do their changes and push up their code to their OWN repo's. eg. me/MainRepo

So now in TC, we would like to have a build-per-developer that does the 2xunit tests + website (not deploy) compiles/builds.

So if i push my commits up to my fork, then TC goes: 'AH! PK has some new code. i'll downloading, compile, run 2x unit tests builds .. then the WebSite build .. against PK\MainRepo (dev branch)'.

Is there a way I can create a sorta build template for the unit tests and then pass in the source control credentials or something? So when i create the build-per-developer, i can then have 2x dependencies on the unit test builds but provide the VC credentials.. i guess?

can this be done?

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There are a couple of ways to do this, but here's how I would approach this:

  1. Set up the build once, basically "creating a template" for future builds
  2. From the Build Configuration Settings, you can use the Actions menu to either:
    1. Copy the build configuration (which makes sense if every copy will be customized)
    2. Extract template <-- I would use this one
    3. Extract meta-runner template, if you want this build configuration to become a build step that can be reused
  3. After extracting the template, you can create new build configurations based on this template but with different VCS roots.

For more info, check


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