Passing changes in Inherited Configuration Parameters


I have 2 build configurations, Build A and Build B which has a snapshot dependency on A. (Both build configs inherit configuration parameter from a template)
When I am changing the inherited parameter in Build B, the same parameter does not change in Build A.
The %dep.param% is not helpful since Build B is dependant on A (only from build A I can access %dep.param% on build B).

Is it possible to change the inherited paramerter in build B and pass the change to build A?


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If B has a snapshot dependency on A, then A finishes before B starts. And B can access all A params via dep.A.paramName.

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Hi Sergey,

Thanks for the quick response.

The problem is that A starts after I run B (by using "custom build" and make the parameter change in B's "Build Parameters").
And I want A to "see" the parameter change , before A starts it first step.


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There's no way to do this as you'd like. As a workaround, you can create a configuration C, which you run with desired parameter.

And setup finish build trigger in B to run when C finishes.

Then you can get latest C build parameters via REST API using the following URL: /httpAuth/app/rest/builds/buildType:One_One/resulting-properties/<property_name> (/httpAuth/app/rest/builds/buildType:One_One/resulting-properties will show all properties as the end of the build) and use it in A and other builds in chain.


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