Manually using TeamCity's bundled svnkit-cli

I can't install SVN on this box, but it already has a TeamCity build agent configured which has svnkit bundled, including svnkit-cli. Is it possible to invoke the cli programmatically, not through TeamCity?

Ideally a one-line bash comand, something like...
$ java -classpath ".;/teamcity/plugins/svnAgent/lib/*" SVN --version

I can't figure out the syntax to use the bundled svnkit-cli.  Is it possible?

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I would recommend you to download svnkit itself from their site, including batch/shell files they provide and try.

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I worked it out by looking at the svnkit documentation for using ant.  Cheers though.

java -cp ".:%teamcity.agent.home.dir%/plugins/svnAgent/lib/*" org.tmatesoft.svn.cli.SVN --version

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